Representatives of the Georgia Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (APCRG) - The adoption of the code of marketing activities in Georgia

In 2019 the Code of Ethics of the Association of Pharmaceutical Companies has been updated in accordance with the requirements of the Code of Ethics developed by IFPMA, the version of which can be found on the link above.



On May 20, 2014 at the Sheraton Hotel, at the presentation of the Georgia Association of Code developed by the pharmaceutical marketing activities.

The event was presented by the Association of the Code, which established the international advanced standards and the goal of which is to regulate the pharmaceutical companies promote their products and distribution methods and rules of ethics and compliance with existing regulations. This is the first of this type of code that will allow pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals in the Code set out the general criteria to assess the quality of their mutual ethical and what is more important, there is the possibility of ethics violations and take appropriate response measures have been taken for violations aghmokhvris.

The information presented in the marketing activities of pharmaceutical companies ethically and to carry out the role and importance of the need for such activities, the world's leading industrialized countries, particularly in Georgia. Reviewed by the pharmaceutical companies and health care professionals in communication with the main problems that hinder the professional activities of medical personnel and may adversely affect the patient's condition.

The event was attended by international speakers, Labor, Health and Social Affairs, representatives of Parliament, representatives of the club - officials, professional medical associations, heads of patient organizations, medical institutions, unions, representatives of the medical field who work for insurance companies, Georgia of the diplomatic corps and international officials governmental organizations, pharmaceutical distribution companies and local pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, international pharmaceutical companies, non-governmental organizations, 100 - more than the clinic, Scientific - research Institute and Medical - Diagnostic Centre, the media.


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