APCRG participation in IV international Forum conducted by International Project

Forum took place in Minsk, Belarus, on April 2-3,2009. The name of the Forum was :"Post Soviet Union Countries Pharmaceutical Markets -Similar Problems, Similar Solutions". APCRG was represented by the Chairmen of the Executive Board, Mr.Zurab Natroshvili.


Company IPSEN donation for persons affected by the August 2008 tragic events in Georgia

French pharmaceutical company IPSEN have sent to company GPC 1000 packs of its product  SMECTA as a donation for persons affected by August 2008 tragic events in Georgia. Donated Smecta will be stored in GPC pharmacy in Gori City and any visitor of pharmacy, holding the IDP ID, will be able to get 1 pack of Smecta for free.


Assistance to Internally Displaced Persons

With the donation received from company Pfizer, APCRG has purchased 163 units of electric heaters for Internally Displaced People who left their houses in Kodori Valley in August 2008 and found their temporarily shelter in Tbilisi city area. Heaters were handed over to Abkhazia Refugee Department and distribution was performed together with the representatives of a/m department.


Donation from company Pfizer

The representative office of company Pfizer in Turkey has donated  5 000 USD to APCRG for the 
assistance of Georgian population affected by tragic events in August . We express great appreciation to our colleagues from Pfizer for this act of charity.


Assistance to Internally Displaced Persons

Within the period of  19 August  - 2 September,  APCRG was providing assistance on daily basis to IDP-s from Gori region placed in Tbilisi school 128, in total 200 persons. We have supplied IDP-s  with mattresses, medicines, food and hygienic items.The total value of assistance was equal to 3 300 Georgian Lari. 


Assistance to Internally Displaced Persons

Board Director and Executive Director of APCRG have visited Tbilisi School 128 where are placed 172 person displaced from Gori region and affected by August tragic events in Georgia. Among them are 16 children and 8 elderly person.After the evaluation of situation APCRG has immediately  provided them with mattresses, medicines, food and hygienic items for children.


Assistance of company Sanofi Aventis Group

In an effort to provide care for the wounded and for those who have had to leave their homes following  recent events in Georgia the Tulip Association, which receives financial support and donations of medicines from the Sanofi Aventis Group   Humanitarian Sposnsorship Department, has donataed emergency packages via French Humanitarian Action Delegation. A first donation of 12 crates was sent to Tbilisi today, containing 12 000 treatments that will be used this evening by French and Georgian medical teams. 


Advertising video against the substitution of medicines in pharmacies

APCRG has prepared the advertising video against the substitution of medicines in pharmacies. Video has official status of Social Advertising Video. The lenght of video is 30 second and TV advertising period will be: from 21 May - till 20 July, 2008. Advertising video will be presented on following TV channels: Rustavi2, Mze, Public Broadcasting Channel (I Channel).


The Association has adopted a new member.

Worwag Pharma company accepted as a member of the association.


Participation in the "PHARM UNION" - The Third International Workshop

Association takes part in the "PHARM UNION" - The Third International Workshop.
Russian Federation, Moscow, 27-28 March.
Association Executive Director I. MargvelaShvili foreign pharmaceutical companies and the Kazakh president of the Association F. Lokshini Moscow at the opening ceremony of the forum.