IFPMA Head of Association virtual meeting

On March 23rd, Executive Director of the Association, Mr. Irakli Margvelashvili, participated in a virtual (online) meeting of IFPMA (International Federation of Manufacturers and Associations) member associations.

At the meeting, IFPMA Director-General Thomas Quinn presented the largest work done by IFPMA during the Covid-19 pandemic, including vaccination against Covid.

Various current issues of IFPMA activity were discussed, including the Global Code of Ethics. Representatives of the US, Japanese and Spanish associations presented the results of their activities during the pandemic.

Representatives of associations from 40 countries took part in the meeting.


Eurasian Virtual Pharmaceutical Summit

Eurasian Virtual Pharmaceutical Summit was held on October 14th-21st, 2020. It was the first virtual event in the Russian speaking markets and included high-quality content as well as entertaining formats. 100+ speakers, 200+ participants, 8 days of content and networking. Summit participants discussed regulatory issues and trends in the market development in EAEU, Central Asian, Caucasus and Eastern European countries. Mr. Irakli Margvelashvili, Mr. Grigori Pirkhtsalaishvili, Ms. Maka Asatiani and Mr. Levan Varduashvili participated in the summit from our association. APCRG was also an information partner of the summit.


Interview with Irakli Margvelashvili, Executive Director of the Association

At the following link, you can read the interview of Mr. Irakli Margvelashvili with www.commersant.ge, with the title - "International companies close their offices in Georgia due to unethical actions of pharmaceutical companies."


Event: One year of the Minister's activity

On June 18th, at the Metekhi Sheraton Palace Hotel, an event was held by the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia - "One Year of the Minister's Work". As the Executive Director of the Association, Mr. Irakli Margvelashvili attended this event, at the invitation of the leadership of the Ministry. It is also noteworthy that only APCRG was invited to the event from the industrial associations.
The event was attended by the Prime Minister of Georgia, the Cabinet of Ministers, the Mayor of Tbilisi, the leadership of the Ministry, heads of the Center of Disease Control and Immunology, heads of leading clinics and medical universities, heads of professional medical associations.
The meeting was opened by the Prime Minister, and then the presentations were presented by the Minister of Health and her deputies.

Speakers devoted a great deal of time to COVID-19 issues.

Especially important  was the presentation of the First Deputy Minister, Ms. Tamar Gabunia, in which she reviewed the activities of one year and talked about the upcoming plans of the Ministry. Photo.

New member of APCRG - JSC "Nizhpharm" Representative Office in Georgia

APCRG members general meeting has accepted and validated membership request, submitted by the Georgian representation of  JSC "Nizhpharm" Representative Office in Georgia. More information about the company and it's international operations can be seen on company website.


City Cancer Challenge activity report -Tbilisi

In February 2019, Tbilisi joined the City Cancer Challenge (C / Can), a global program that aims to improve cancer care and management through innovative partnerships and modern approaches. C / Can has released its first year work results report. Abovementioned report can be found on the link.

Mr. Irakli Margvelashvili, Executive Director of APCRG, took part in the C/Can video, which can be found on the link below.


SDSU Georgia Advisory Board & Steering Committee Joint Meeting

San Diego State University of Georgia Advisory Board & Steering Committee Joint online Meeting was held on June 8th. The meeting was attended by Executive director of APCRG Mr. Irakli Margvelashvili and Chairman of the Board of the Association Mr. Grigori Pirtskhalaishvili.


IFPMA - 28th eBIC Committee meeting

On May 12,13,14, the IFPMA Ethics Group held a series of virtual conferences for members related to the pandemic situation. The session was attended by about 70 IFPMA member companies and associations.

The session was attended by 70 IFPMA member companies and associations. The session was opened by Mr. Rady Johnson, Chair of the IFPMA Ethics and Business Integrity Committee and Pfizer’ Chief Compliance, Quality and Risk Officer. He noted that, as we wage to fight Covid 19, business continuity plans are being tested as never before. Heroic collegues work tirelessly in plants to ensure the supply of medicines patients already depend on. They continue to provide healthcare professionals with critical information they need to treat their patients and the scientists and researchers around the globe work urgently to develop and test the diagnostics, treatments and vaccines that this global crisis demands. While operating in this uncharted territories it must demonstrated to the world that it can count on innovation, commitment, courage, resilience and above all, integrity to win this fight. As we continue what looks to be a long ride the need of the ethos has never been more clear. With the core value of trust, care, fareness, respect and honesty the ethos provides the framework to ensure that, especially in the face of a crisis, we act with integrity. With the ethos front-and-center, the integrity of the decisions and actions are made while navigating this crisis is assured. And more iportantly, long after the crisis has ended, society will see and aplaude this integrity.

 Presentations were made by three working groups:

  • Patient Centricity WG;
  • Code Capacity Building WG;
  • International Government Organisations WG.

On the third day was discussed:

  • CV19 and Bioethics;
  • Bioethics of Data Sharing and Secondary Use;
  • Functioning of pharmaceutical companies in a virtual mode.

Association of Pharmacetical Companies Representatives donation for StopCov Fund

Today, on April 29th , donation in amount of 35,000 GEL was transferred by our Association, to STOPCOV fund (State Treasury Fund) created by the Government of Georgia to fight COVID 19.


New member of APCRG - Santen representation in Georgia

APCRG members general meeting has accepted and validated membership request, submitted by the Georgian representation of the company Santen. More information about the company and it's international operations can be seen on company website.